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Caution Trespass 5’5’’ 2013

Caution Trespass 5’5’’ 2013

Kiteboard Model: Trespass 5’5’’
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Caution
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The 5’5’’ Trespass is the weapon of choice for the rider who loves snapping off the lips, floating closeouts and ripping the surf. The board is powerful and agile, yet reliable and comfortable to drive around. It is the perfect choice for enjoying the best of real world conditions.

The Trespass 5’5’’ can handle big waves with ease, has a solid feel on the lip and offers tight and controllable turns. The narrower tail outline, plus the slightly squared tail shape, allows the rider sink the tail for improved control when charging the waves.

The Trespass 5’5’’ can also be equipped with SpeedWing side fins. These are small symmetrical winglets designed to reduce drag and enhance control. A single to double concave bottom shape assures a solid drive, but also keeps the board loose and snappy. It also minimizes drag and assures a very fast glide. The board features tight rails, progressively soft to hard through the tail.

The softer middle section improves the glide during bottom turns, while the harder tail edge provides flawless control when driving. The board is engineered using a PU structure and comes supplied with full deck traction pad with the most comfortable, adjustable directional foot straps on the market.