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Caution Trespass 5’5’’ 2014

Caution Trespass 5’5’’ 2014

Kiteboard Model: Trespass 5'5''
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Caution
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The guys at Caution have designed the Trespass 5’5’’ especially for the aggressive and dynamic riders that love snapping off the lips, floating closeouts, and all around ripping the surf. It is a powerful and fast board, shaped for ripping in small to medium surf. The board is built using a technology developed to withstand the extreme forces of kiting.

With the Caution Trespass 5’5’’ you can charge the waves with style. You can perform crazy bottom turn on rails and snappy turns off the top while you are in complete control. The Trespass 5’5’’ sports a compact shape which makes it dynamic and easy to keep under control and throw around. It also gives you a cool shorboard fell when riding and allows you perform cool tricks with ease.

A faster rocker, combined with tighter rails, provides excellent control in all situations. A single to double concave bottom shape improves the board’s upwind performance and also provides snappy and loose handling, assuring a fun session in small to medium surf. A narrower tail shape allows you sink it easier for better control when you are on the face of the wave.

The rocker is optimized to provide superior early planing potential and assures good speed, as well as smooth and controllable bottom turns. The Trespass 5’5’’ is built using an Epoxy PVC construction with Bamboo reinforced top deck. This structure makes the board light and durable, but also very responsive on the waves. The board is equipped with large sized deckpads for easy footwork, adjustable foot straps and future fins.