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Caution Trespass 6'0" x 18" 2013

Caution Trespass 6'0" x 18" 2013

Kiteboard Model: Trespass 6'0" x 18"
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Caution
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6'0" x 18"


The Trespass 6'0" x 18" is a new addition to the Caution directional board family. It is designed to offer no compromise performance to medium and larger sized riders. It is a board that excels in head high or bigger waves, top to bottom surf and it is always fun to ride.

The larger outline plus the optimal volume distribution allows it to accommodate heavier rider with ease and also makes it quick and snappy in lighter wind conditions. Less volume in the nose area allows it to speed faster down the line. The Caution Trespass 6'0" x 18" is also the perfect choice for less experienced riders who need a reliable board to enjoy a cool session and discover the secrets of wave riding.

The tail kicker combined with the wider outline assures more glide on the wave face and makes the board quicker and easier to maneuver in marginal winds. The board features a single to double concave base shaping. The single concave in the mid section improves the drive, while the double concave in the tail makes the board snappy and loose.

The wider rails, progressively shaped soft to hard through the tail, make the board very stable and assure excellent control and easy rail to rail transitions. The Caution Trespass 6'0" x 18" is built using a PU technology which makes it very responsive and assures a perfect strength to weight ratio.