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CrazyFly Allround 2009

CrazyFly Allround 2009

Kiteboard Model: Allround
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Crazy Fly
Best For
Freestyle  Freeride
Board sizes

135 x 40 cm
138 x 40 cm

138 x 43 cm

145 x 41 cm

145 x 48 cm


For 2009 CrazyFly has come up with a new kiteboard lineup intended to cover all styles, skills and weather conditions. Every single model was individually crafted and has unique features, so any rider can choose the perfect board to match his style and attitude. One of the most popular CrazyFly boards is the Allround. As the name states it is perfect for more than one style and suits any rider, regardless of skill. The board is not only a very efficient kiteboarding machine, but it also has a very decent price, so you can enjoy top quality and performance without spending a huge amount of money.

• Beveled ABS rails
• 3T CNC shaped Wood core
• Asymmetric straps
• EVA Pads
• Progressive Flex Tips

When it has designed the Allround, the CrazyFly team has focused on both performance and usability. They wanted to create a board which suits a multitude of styles and suits both beginner and advanced riders. After an extensive process of research and development, CrazyFly has come up with the Allround, a board which really excels in all conditions and meets the demands of all riders out there.

The beginners will love the stability, smooth control and safety which this board offers, while advanced ones can push it harder and perform spectacular moves or reach impressive speeds. The board blends pop and power with user friendly features and it generates the confidence you need to perform any move. The rounded outline, custom tips and ergonomic shape of the board assure a smooth glide, extra stability and a nice power delivery. The rider can enjoy high jumps and fast turns while he is in complete control and the board remains steady and predictable.

The Allround can easily be powered up in light wind conditions and it is reliable if the wind picks up. The board is enhanced by the Progressive Flex Tips technology which increases the flex in the tip area for better control and to provide extra pop when needed. The beveled ABS rails make the board stable and allow the rider to experience improved edge to edge control. The EVA pads and asymmetric straps assure a solid bond between the rider’s feet and deck and provide excellent comfort. The rider can choose from several stance options the one which suits him best. The board is also enhanced to absorb the shocks and vibrations from rough landings and wave impacts to prevent discomfort or any possible injuries.

CrazyFly Allround is engineered using a 3T CNC shaped wood core. This structure makes it very responsive and provides the perfect flex pattern for all round usage. At the same time it makes the board highly durable and very light. If you are looking for the perfect all round kiteboarding machine, you need to check out the 2009 CrazyFly Allround.