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CrazyFly Girls 2009

CrazyFly Girls 2009

Kiteboard Model: Girls
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Crazy Fly
Best For
Freestyle  Freeride
Board sizes

127 x 38 cm
132 x 39 cm

135 x 41 cm


Kiteboarding has become a highly appreciated and popular extreme sport. Each season it gathers a huge number of fans, and not all of them are men. There are many ladies who love this sport and perform at the highest levels. Especially for them the CrazyFly team has created the Girls, a great board for female riders. Not only that the board has an attractive graphic design, but it is sharply tuned to fit the specific needs of women. The board blends speed and power with usability and user friendly features and it performs outstanding in most wind and wave conditions.

The 2009 CrazyFly board lineup is crafted using the latest technology and the best composites. At the same time the CrazyFly team has spent a lot of effort and time to make sure every single model has the perfect features for specific styles and skill levels. Now any rider out there can pick up the best suited CrazyFly board and have fun or experience the ultimate thrill.

The Girls is a board with a very delicate purpose: it is intended for the ladies who love kiteboarding and wish to achieve top performance or just relax and have a recreational cruise. The extra pop and power blends with amazing control and stability and make the board perfect for any girl out there. The board is incredible light and it features a more compact shape with fuller outlines and rounded tips. This profile makes it very agile and easy to control in any situation. The narrower stance options are perfectly fitted for women and make the board easier to handle in high wind and wave conditions.

Extra comfort and optimal bond between feet and deck are provided by the S Quick Fix strap system. Even if it is a board intended for women, the Girls has quite some pop and reaches an impressive speed. The ladies who love freestyle will have no problems when they wish to perform more radical moves. The innovative Progressive Flex Tips provide increased flex in the tip area. This way the rider can jump high and experience nice lifts with no effort. The board features the innovative Shock Absorbing System developed by CrazyFly to prevent discomfort or injuries resulted from rough landings or wave impacts. The Girl sfeatures a concave bottom design which is used to generate the perfect amount of power and make the board very stable. G10 fins are used to optimize the power delivery and increase the grip in tight turns or at high speeds.

CrazyFly Girls is constructed using a CNC shaped Wood Core and a 4 Axial Fiber System. This structure generates the perfect mix of flex and stiffness, provides the right amount of pop and makes the board very light and durable. The Girls board comes with binding system, fins and handle.