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CrazyFly Pro Tour Model 2014

CrazyFly Pro Tour Model 2014

Kiteboard Model: Pro Tour Model
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Crazy Fly
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Board sizes

133 x 41 cm

136 x 41 cm

139 x 41 cm



As the name suggest, the CrazyFly Pro Tour Model is a competition grade kiteboard designed for demanding freestylers. Every aspect of this board screams performance. It is built using the latest technologies to meet the demands of extreme riders that compete in world class events and always try to push their skills to new levels. It is a board defined by a stiffer flex and explosive pop, aimed towards pro riders.

The Pro Tour Model is a dynamic board that can perform the most technical freestyle moves and new school tricks with ease. It is powerful and packs an explosive pop to satisfy the needs of extreme riders. It packs a bit of forgiveness too, but it is not the board a casual rider will find to his liking. It is too powerful and fast, just what pro and expert riders need.

And if you like aggressive wakestyle, you should know that the Pro Tour Model is compatible with wake bindings. The board features a stiffer flex which generates tons of pop. The flex increases from the center towards the tips to assure a natural pattern. At the same time a special Vibra Kill system helps damp the vibrations to make the ride more comfortable.

A single concave bottom shape, combined with the 3D ABS rails, assures increased stability and a precise control even in chop and gusts. The board is easy to push upwind and feels very agile. It is also very quick to plane. CrazyFly has built the Pro Tour Model using a full wood core that assures natural flex and pop characteristics, plus high tech Kevlar that increases overall strength and Spread Tow Carbon Layers that also boost strength and reduce overall weight. Razor fins, featuring a thin profile, which prevent drag and make the board faster. They also provide some flex to make carving and transitions comfortable.