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CrazyFly Shox Custom 2011

CrazyFly Shox Custom 2011

Kiteboard Model: Shox Custom
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Crazy Fly
Best For
Board sizes

132x41 cm

133x43 cm

136x41 cm


The 2011 kiteboard line presented by CrazyFly is at least impressive. Their team has used the latest technology and only high quality fabrics in the development of the new models to make sure they will meet the highest quality standards and will perform flawless out on the waves. If you take a look at the Shox Custom board you will be astonished by the excellent freeride performance it offers. The Custom Wood construction makes this board extremely versatile and efficient. It is the perfect choice for the advanced riders who are looking for extra power or for the intermediate ones who like a comfortable and fast board.

• Carbon fibers layups
• Custom Wood core
• ABS Rails
• G10 Fins
• Anti Shock System
• Adjustable pad stances
• Moderate flex
• 3D graphic design

In the process of research and development of the 2011 Shox Custom the CrazyFly team has focused on both power and control. They really wanted to create a new generation type of board which excels at freeride. And the board is a real success, since we can say it is one of the most versatile and comfortable freeride boards available on the market. It is engineered on a hydrodynamic shape and with a more compact outline to provide a fast and snappy glide through the waves.

The tips of the board are enhanced by the Progressive Flex Tips Technology II created by CrazyFly. This technology is based on a thinner tip design and improved torsion strength. This way the board has a nice flex response and the rider can tackle any wave while the board absorbs the shocks and provides smooth landings.  An improved tail shape provides the right amount of power release for jumping and hangtime. At the same time the high speed rocker line significantly maximizes acceleration, top speed and early planning abilities.

The Shox Custom features 3D ABS rails which provide improved stability and allow fast turns and extra control. The ABS rails are complemented by the concave bottom design which makes the board very responsive, minimizes spray and increases the grip. Also, the board is equipped with G10 fins, which are especially designed to provide a direct control and decrease drag during speed riding. The CrazyFly Shox Custom is built on a 3T CNC shaped Shox Custom wood core. This way, the board has excellent stiffness, tensile strength and it is very light. The additional fiberglass layups assure extra durability and assure an optimal flexibility. The whole structure is wrapped in a UV Stabil Top Sheet Foil which is intended to protect the board from UV light and abrasion damage.

The CrazyFly Shox Custom is not only versatile and reliable, but comfortable as well. The soft, easy adjustable dual density EVA pads and Quick Fix II footstraps allow the rider to choose the perfect stance and experience a smooth session. The CrazyFly Shox Custom comes in three sizes and it is imprinted with a unique, eye catching 3D graphic design.