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F-One Acid 2 2009

F-One Acid 2 2009

Kiteboard Model: Acid 2
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: F-One
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Board sizes

132 x 41 cm
130 x 39 cm 
130 x 39 cm
130 x 39 cm
127 x 37 cm


The 2009 kiteboard line introduced by F-One is constructed with focus on usability and performance and intended to cover all riding styles and skills. From beginner to pro, anyone can pick the F-One board which suits his specific needs. The Acid 2 board is a very powerful twin tip model and it is intended to boost new school freestyle to an entire new level. The new construction technology combined with the new tweaks introduced by F-One turn it into a spectacular kiteboarding machine.

• Full Wood Core
• Pads Pro Platinum
• Strap Lock II
• Fiberglass layups
• Direct Drive Technology
• Dynamic Flex Technology

Freestyle is by far one of the most demanding and spectacular kiteboarding disciplines. Apart from talent, hard work, coordination and adrenaline it requires a proper board, a board which mixes awesome power with top control. The F-One Acid 2 is such a board and it performs outstanding when it is pushed to the max. It generates a true force and allows the rider to experience the ultimate thrill out on the waves. New school freestylers have now the perfect weapon to test their skills.

The board features a compact shape, with slightly parallel outlines and wider tips, which generates extra pop and makes it very dynamic. F-One has engineered the Acid 2 using a full wood core and fiberglass layups. This structure makes it very responsive and generates extra force when needed. At the same time the board is very light, but incredible durable.

F-One has also implemented the patented Direct Drive technology, which works together with the construction pattern to allow the rider experience awesome control and experience a smooth ride. Another interesting feature is the Dynamic Flex. This feature permits the board to ply on the rider’s specific needs and generates the perfect amount of power as well as better control. The rider can perform high jumps and lifts without effort, while he is in complete control and the board feels reliable. The ABS inverted rails provide effortless maneuvering and make the board feel very steady through power moves. A single concave bottom design generates perfect power release and increases the acceleration. At the same time it allows the rider to feel very stable and safe.

The board absorbs the shocks from rough landings and wave impacts to prevent leg injuries and assure a comfortable glide. Extra comfort as well as perfect bond between feet and deck is provided by the Pads Pro Platinum and easy adjustable Strap Lock ergo straps. Ultimate new school freestyle demands ultimate performance from a board and the F-One Acid 2 is ready to deliver that.