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F-One Fifty Pro 2009

F-One Fifty Pro 2009

Kiteboard Model: Fifty Pro
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: F-One
Best For
Lightwind  Freeride
Board sizes

150 x 45 cm

150 x 48 cm


When it has designed the 2009 twin tip kiteboard line, F-One team has focused on usability and efficiency. Each model is engineered using the best fabrics and the latest technology and it is guaranteed to offer top performance and quality. There are times when the weather conditions are less than perfect and the wind barely powers your kite. In times like these it is time to pick up the F-One Fifty Pro kiteboard. It will get you running quite fast and it has a unique way of mixing pop, speed and power with control and user friendly features.

The 2009 F-One Fifty Pro kiteboard is just what any rider needs when the wind barely blows. Light wind conditions usually ruin the day when it comes to kitesurfing, but this is not the case with this board. It is engineered using a new technology and it is able to offer a great kiteboarding session when the wind barely blows. Actually, it will get you going when all the other riders sit on the beach and wait for the wind to pick up.

The board has a wider shape and longer outlines, features which make it easy to power up in the lightest wind conditions. The great thing about this board is that it can be used by both beginner and advanced riders alike. It has plenty of power and pop, but it is user friendly and easy to handle at the same time. Just like the other 2009 F-One boards, the Fifty Pro is crafted using the innovative Direct Drive technology. This technology is based on a minimum board thickness and a 100% Wood core. The Wood core is complemented by fiberglass layups. This structure provides the perfect flex pattern and assures extra durability. At the same time it makes the board extremely responsive and allows it to work together with the rider.

Another innovation is the Dynamic Flex which generates the perfect amount of pop and increases the rider’s control in any situation. The board runs quite fast, has excellent upwind and planning abilities and it offers nice jumps and hangtime. At the same time it is easy to control, and feels reliable under your feet. Advanced riders can perform nice tricks while the less experienced ones can enjoy a relaxing cruise without problems. The board has a shock absorbing system which prevents discomfort whne you land rough or you smash through the waves.

Additional comfort is provided by the 3D footpads and the Straplock footstrap system. These bindings are very easy to adjust and assure the optimal bond between your feet and the board. The F-One Fifty Pro is available in two sizes and comes as a complete package, together with fins, pads, straps and grab handle.