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F-One Fluid 4 2009

F-One Fluid 4 2009

Kiteboard Model: Fluid 4
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: F-One
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Board sizes

135 x 39 cm

140 x 40 cm

140 x 42 cm


The brand F-One is synonym with performance in the world of kiteboarding. Each product developed by F-One team is crafted using top technology and the best fabrics and it is guaranteed to offer the highest quality and performance. The F-One Fluid is a twin tip kiteboard built on these principles and it offers a unique freeride experience. It is powerful and forgiving at the same time and it can be used by beginner and advanced riders alike. It is able to offer extra pop and speed as well as a relaxing and fun cruise.

• Direct Drive Technology
• Full Wood Core
• Superior Flex Pattern
• ABS Inverted Rails
• Straplock Footstrap System
• 3D Footpads

Freeride is the most popular kiteboarding discipline and it gathers a huge number of enthusiasts each year. Especially for them F-One has come up with the perfect board: the Fluid 4. This board is one of the most reliable and fun to ride freeride kiteboards ever created.

The focus in the development of this board is set on usability and versatility. It has plenty of power for the advanced rider who wishes to experience fast speeds or perform amazing tricks and it is forgiving and user friendly at the same time. It can be used without problems by entry level riders or by people who wish to have fun and enjoy a recreational cruise. The top control and stability offer riders the confidence they need to perform any maneuver.

The board is built using a full Wood core. Wood provides the perfect flex pattern to generate a good amount of pop and make the board very responsive. At the same time the Wood core assures the perfect balance between weight and strength. The core is complemented by additional fiberglass layups which increase the durability and make the board virtually indestructible. The board is engineered using the innovative Direct Drive technology, which is based on minimum board thickness. This technology assures excellent control in most wave conditions and allows the board to absorb shocks resulted from rough landings or wave impacts.

Another tweak used by F-One is the Dynamic Flex which permits the rider to handle the board without any effort at all and feel very comfortable while riding it. Additional comfort is provided by the 3D easy adjustable footpads and the Straplock footstrap system. This binding system is easy to use and provide the optimal bond between feet and deck.

The 2009 F-One Fluid 4 runs great through the waves, it is easy to control, stable and fun. It is just what everyone needs to experience a magnificent freeride session. The board comes as a complete package with fins, straps, pads, fins and grab handle.