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F-One Gun 2011

F-One Gun 2011

Kiteboard Model: Gun
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: F-One
Best For
Board sizes

6'9'' x 46


The four directional kiteboard models released by F-One for the 2011 season are true masterpieces. The F-One team has put a lot of effort and passion in the process of research and development, it has used top technology and the best composites to make sure these boards offer the highest performance and quality ever. If you love kitesurfing and are in search of a board which has more than one purpose and it is ready to deliver both performance and fun, look no more, because the new F-One Gun has arrived.

• Bamboo construction
• Increased strapped and strapless performance
• Can be used without a kite as a regular surfboard
• Single front strap
• Future Vector fins

In the world of kiteboarding F-One is the synonym for performance and quality. Their team of highly skilled professionals takes special care when it crafts any piece of equipment, to make sure it will meet the requirements of the most demanding riders. The Directional kiteboard series complements the twin tip one with four unique models. The Gun is part of these models and it is the kind of board which has multiple usage purposes.

You don’t need two boards if you love kiteboarding or classic surfing. The Gun can be used with or without a kite, depending on the rider’s choice. At the same time this board can be used with (single front strap only) or without straps and it is guaranteed to offer top efficiency and tons of fun. The board features a hydrodynamic shape, with narrower nose and tail and longer outlines. This profile increases the longitudinal stability and makes the Gun fast and agile. F-One has significantly improved the upwind, planning and top speed potential of this board, so it is extremely efficient at high speeds or for long distance cruises.

The dynamic profile and the new construction technology allow it to cut through any wave fast and smooth. Even if it is fast and powerful, the board is really easy to handle, and the rider can focus on his moves, without worrying about losing control. The innovative bottom design allows it to take maximum advantage of the water flow and deliver excellent power. At the same time it is incredible stable and offers superb carves and jibes. The board is fun to ride in most wind and wave conditions and offers top comfort through the entire session.

F-One has built the Gun using a sandwich technology and a Bamboo structure. Bamboo is much lighter and stronger than classic wood and confers increased rigidity and tensile strength to the board. This construction also makes the Gun very durable and light. The F-One Gun is available in 6'9'' x 46 size only and comes complete with front strap, Future Vector fins and Future Box.

F-One Gun 2011 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
F-One Gun 2011 Reviewed on Dec 9th 2012
Dennis Berman
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Awesome board have modified mine for long distance racing, open ocean swells. It reaches 36km/hr super easy and then just wants to steadily accelerate. 40 km/hr feels quite stable. Getting footstrap inset position right is hardest part. Love the easy...more