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F-One Rookie 2009

F-One Rookie 2009

Kiteboard Model: Rookie
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: F-One
Best For
Board sizes

128 x 36 cm


There are extreme and pro riders who love to experience the ultimate thrill out on the waves and there are casual riders or people who love to learn the basics of kiteboarding. The 2009 F-One kiteboard lineup is intended to suit all of their needs and it is crafted to guarantee top quality. If you are a hardcore rider you may wish to choose the more aggressive types of boards, like the Trax, TX or Acid ones, and if you need a board which can help you relax out on the water or learn the secrets of kiteboarding you need to pick up the Rookie. The Rookie is the perfect board for training, school or casual cruising. It is a board suited for children who love kiteboarding.

Kiteboarding is about experiencing a new thrill and fun. If you love this extreme sport and wish to pick up the basics, or if you love to relax and have a recreational cruise once in a while, than you need a board which is user friendly and very easy to handle. And that board is the Rookie from F-One. The rookie is a very forgiving board, it is safe and easy to control in any situation. It is perfect for children and less experienced lighter riders.

At the same time it packs enough power and reaches a nice speed, so you can perform great tricks or progression moves with it. It is the kind of board kiteboarding schools and casual riders look for, because it is very predictable and easy to use and it gives the rider the confidence he needs to experience any maneuver. Even if it is a board intended for beginners, the rookie is powered by the Direct Drive and Dynamic Flex technologies, just like the other F-One Kiteboards.

The Direct Drive provides a minimum board thickness which generates an optimal flex and allows the rider to feel very comfortable through the entire session. The Dynamic Flex assures the right amount of pop and allows the rider to perform any trick without worrying about losing control. The F-One Rookie has a compact profile which allows it to offer a smooth glide in most wind and wave conditions. Additional comfort is provided by the 3D pads and Straplock footstraps. The binding system is easy to adjust and assures the perfect bond between the rider’s feet and deck.

F-One has engineered the rookie using a full Wood Core. The Wood Core works together with the Direct Drive technology to assure the optimal flex as well as excellent steering response. Additional fiberglass layers make the board virtually indestructible. This structure assures excellent durability and it also makes the board very light. If you are looking for a board which can offer both performance and fun and which is absolutely safe out on the waves, than you have to give the F-One Rookie a try and you will love the way it performs.