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F-One Signature 2014

F-One Signature 2014

Kiteboard Model: Signature
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: F-One
Best For
Board sizes

6'0'' - 182 x 46 cm
5'10'' - 177 x 46 cm


The F-One Signatur board is designed to offer you a fun and exciting waveriding experience. There are two Signature board models available this season: the 6'0 and 5'10. Both models excel in waves and feel reliable and comfortable. This is a board that can adapt to virtually any riding conditions and feels at home in small, mushy waves, as well as in surf breaks. 

The F-One Signature opens a new dimension of strapless and strapped kitesurfing. The board features a compact, surf oriented outline which assures excellent stability and maneuverability in all sorts of waves. The squared tail gives the rider the possibility to get into the curve with more ease and the ability to put more weight on the tail to drive it through turns.

This significantly enhances turning speed and control. Thicker and rounder rails in the nose area provide an increased stability and allow you put more weigh forward. The Signature features a Camel Deck, which allows an increase in volume along the center line of the board while keeping the heel low to optimize control. This way, extra flotation and stability is added to the surfboard. This feature assures a smoother ride in challenging conditions plus a superior wave control. A quad fin setup is used to assure a solid grip and better response.

F-One has built the Signature using a full Bamboo structure which assures excellent strength, a lower weight and a superior response. The 6'0 model is a bit more forgiving, while the 5'10 model is designed to be ridden more aggressively and hit the lip hard.