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F-One Signature 5'10'' 2013

F-One Signature 5'10'' 2013

Kiteboard Model: Signature
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: F-One
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Board sizes

5'10''        177 x 46 cm


The 2013 F-One Signature 5'10'' is the kind of board that can offer you top performance in most real world wave conditions you might encounter. It is a board that can rip small, medium and even big waves with ease, while keeping the rider comfortable in control at all times.

The board is designed based on the idea that a kitesurfer does not need volume to take off and that is why the volume has been carefully distributed with a curved in concave deck which creates a lower center of gravity and reduces the thickness of the board under the front leg.

This design does not affect the profiles and thickness of the rails, but assures flawless control in critical turns and in challenging conditions. The concave deck allows the use of a thicker pad which significantly increases comfort. A double concave V bottom shape, combined with an ultra-progressive rocker, provides tight turns, good stability and acceleration, as well as smooth rail to rail transitions. These features also allow the board to hold its edge with ease during aggressive turns.

The compact shape, featuring a wider tail and a rounder nose, makes the board lively, yet stable and predictable. The quad fin setup allows the rider to adapt turning radius to tight, fast or slashed, depending on his style. The F-One Signature 5'10'' is crafted using a full bamboo sandwich structure which provides an optimal strength to weight ratio.