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F-One SK8 2013

F-One SK8 2013

Kiteboard Model: SK8
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: F-One
Best For
Freeride  Freestyle
Board sizes

132x38 cm

134x39 cm


The 2013 F-One SK8 is the board which offers the ultimate performance in terms of comfort and carving according to the F-One team. The board features a sleek, hydrodynamic shape which makes it very playful and smooth to handle. It offers a clean glide, smooth rail to rail transitions, easy carves and a very comfortable ride.

It is one of the boards that can easily start planing in high winds and can cut through heavy chop with no effort at all. The SK8 features the Direct Drive technology, derived from its full wood core complemented by a full fiberglass envelope structure, which provides maximum strength. This technology also makes the board precise and active.

At the same time, the Twist Carbon Technology manages the board’s twist under load and transversal reactivity to assure flawless control in all conditions. The Twist Carbon tech, combined with the single concave bottom shape, assures better upwind and early planing performance too. The board has smoother feedback and a more gradual entry into the water due to the use of an Inverted Rail design, which allows for a more progressive and constant contact with the water.

The SK8 is reliable, comfortable and playful. It is the toy you need to have fun, regardless of wave conditions. The board is supplied with Pads Pro Platinum, Ergonomic strap, Unibox System, Response Fins and STD handle.