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F-One Trax 4 2009

F-One Trax 4 2009

Kiteboard Model: Trax 4
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: F-One
Best For
Waveriding  Freestyle  Freeride
Board sizes

136 x 40 cm
134 x 39 cm
132 x 38 cm


The 2009 F-One kiteboarding line is based on a new construction technology which was implemented to deliver increased efficiency and versatility in a wide range of conditions. Every single board model was individually crafted and enhanced to suit the specific needs of the rider, depending on his style and skill level. The 2009 Trax 4 is a board which blends power, speed and pop with amazing handling and can perform outstanding at more than one style. At the same time it can be used by any rider out there, regardless of skill level. From beginner to pro, anyone can enjoy a nice freeride, freestyle or wave riding session with the F-One Trax 4.

The world of kiteboarding is rapidly evolving and all kiteboarding gear manufacturers try to keep up with the more and more demanding needs of today’s riders. Some of them demand extra speed, some of them love high jumps and lifts and other love a relaxing cruise, but all of them are looking for performance and quality products. F-One has adapted to the needs of these riders and it has focused on both efficiency and usability when it has released the 2009 kiteboard line.

The F-One Trax 4 is an amazing board which manages to blend awesome power with control and comfort and suits a multitude of styles and riders. It has a compact shape and slightly squared tips, so it is very lively, but stable at the same time. The Trax 4 is engineered using a full wood core, fiberglass layups and a 3D technology. This structure provides the perfect amount of flex and makes it very responsive. At the same time the wood core provides extra durability and a light weight. The innovative dynamic Flex pattern allows the board to suit the rider’s specific needs, generates perfect pop and offers effortless handling.

Another innovative technology used by F-One is the Direct Drive. This technology is based on minimum board thickness and a perfect blend of the elements which are used in the construction to assure increased responsiveness and effortless control. The ABS inverted rails work with the Direct Drive to increase the control and comfort of the board. Another feature which complements this technology is the Twist Carbon Control, which is used to make the board steady in all conditions.

The board uses a concave bottom combined with channels in the middle section to provide the perfect power release and extra stability. The board has plenty of pop and offers high jumps and lifts, but it feels very predictable and has quite smooth landings. A lateral V design makes the board feel snappy and fast, but also improves the handling at high speeds. Optimal bond between feet and deck and increased comfort are provided by the Straps Ergo with Strap Lock II binding system and Pads Pro Platinum. The F-One Trax 4 is available in three sizes and comes complete with binding system, fins and grab handle.