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F-One TX 2 2009

F-One TX 2 2009

Kiteboard Model: TX 2
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: F-One
Best For
Freestyle  Freeride
Board sizes

132 x 38 cm

135 x 39 cm


Kiteboarding is about achieving great performance but also about having fun and relax. The F-One team knows that and that is why it has engineered the 2009 board line with focus on usability and efficiency. Depending on style and skill any rider can pick up the F-One board which suits him best and enjoy a great session. The TX 2 board is built to suit a wide range of riders and successfully blends speed and power with user friendly features. From beginner to advanced anyone can now enjoy a nice freeride or freestyle cruise with this board.

• Optimized flex distribution
• Full Wood Core
• Fiberglass layups
• Direct Drive technology
• Improved planning and upwind potential

F-One is one of the most acclaimed kiteboarding gear manufacturers today. Every single piece of equipment they create undergoes through a serious process of research and development and it is guaranteed to meet the highest quality and performance standards. Freeride and freestyle are among the most popular kiteboarding disciplines and any rider who loves them needs a proper board. The 2009 TX 2 is built on this concept and it is engineered using the latest technology and the best fabrics. It performs outstanding at both styles and there is no need to go back to the beach and switch boards if you decide to change styles.

Another important aspect in the development of this board is usability. It blends raw power with user friendly features and suits perfectly both beginner and advanced riders. The rounded outline and compact profile make the board quite dynamic, but also stable and predictable. It can be easily powered up and runs fast in light wind conditions, but it really excels in high waves and stronger winds. It generates a nice pop and gets you airborne without effort, while landings are smooth and predictable. It absorbs the shocks from wave impacts to prevent injuries and assure top comfort.

F-One team has manages to optimize the flex distribution through the board, to make sure it suits the specific needs of the rider, that it is responsive and has the right amount of power delivery. The single concave bottom design generates excellent force release and assures optimal stability and control. Even in strong winds and at high speeds the board is reliable and performs excellent. At the same time the upwind and planning abilities are enhanced to improve overall performance. F-One has engineered the TX 2 using a full Wood core combined with fiberglass layups. This construction provides the perfect amount of stiffness and flex, makes the board very responsive and assures a light weight.

The unique Direct Drive technology used by F-One combines the thinner board profile with the construction pattern to make the board precise, accurate and dynamic. Freestyle and freeride performance and fun equals F-One TX 2.