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F2 Rebel 2011

F2 Rebel 2011

Kiteboard Model: Rebel
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: F2

The Rebel is F2’s answer to all you light wind kiteboarding needs. But it is more than just a simple kiteboard. It is a dynamic and agile machine that allows you have fun when all of the other riders sit on the beach, waiting for the wind to pick up. The Rebel will get you on the water first and keep you there for a long time. It is able to perform cool boosts and tricks that will make your session very exciting.

With the F2 Rebel by your side, lightwinds are turned into fun kiteboarding sessions. The board is engineered to turn light winds into energy and deliver a dynamic power in the lightest breeze, when the kite is barely powered. The Rebel features a larger surface which ensures superior lightwind performance, as well as better early planing and upwind potential.

The longer, straight outline assures increased directional stability, while the rounder tip profile makes the board agile and playful. The Rebel has a stiffer flex, therefore it can generate nice pop when loaded. The tips are very flexible to ensure soft landings and a comfortable glide in chop or other demanding conditions. A flat radius ensures good jumping abilities. A flat rocker is used to enhance speed and control.

The shallow concave bottom provides a smooth glide and good stability. A great thing about the Rebel is that it is very user friendly and forgiving. Entry level riders can use this board without hassle. The board is crafted using a wood core and biaxial glass laminates. This structure makes it light and very durable.