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Flexifoil Anarchist 2011

Flexifoil Anarchist 2011

Kiteboard Model: Anarchist
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Flexifoil
Best For
Waveriding  Freeride
Board sizes

134 x 40 cm


The Anarchist is one of Flexifoil’s most famous kiteboards. This board has revolutionized waveriding and freeride over the season and has managed to shape the World’s greatest pro riders. It blends power, speed and control in a unique way and it feels amazing out on the waves. Since the Anarchist is so successful and is a top selling product, the Flexifoil team has crafted a new version for 2011. It follows the steps of the previous models, but it uses a new technology and several innovative tweaks which make it even better. If you love freeride and waveriding, than you must love the new 2011 Anarchist board by Flexifoil.

Freeride is the most popular kiteboarding discipline and a huge number of riders love to practice it. Some of them love extreme tricks and are very experienced; others have just picked up the basics and enjoy a relaxing cruise, but the need for a reliable and versatile freeride board is universal. That is why Flexifoil has created the Anarchist, a kiteboard which excels at freeride, regardless of the weather conditions and the rider’s skills.

The Anarchist comes in two versions, Pro and Standard and it is carefully optimized to deliver the ultimate performance. It offers extra pop and power when needed and it feels comfortable and easy to handle at the same time. The Anarchist Pro is slightly stiffer and while the Standard edition is perfect for any rider, regardless of weight and skill. The hydrodynamic shape of the Anarchist, featuring a rounded outline, allows it to perform excellent carves, while the wider middle section provides improved speed and upwind abilities.

The lower rocker line assures the optimal combination of control, pop and comfort and allows the rider to perform any trick he wishes and enjoy a smooth glide. The ABS tips and sidewalls provide extra durability and allow the board to absorb any shock resulted from rough landings or wave impacts. The board has a nice acceleration and reaches an impressive speed, but at the same time it is easy to steer and behaves predictable. It generates the perfect amount of pop a hardcore rider needs to satisfy his need for adrenaline but it is forgiving with the less experienced rider who wishes to relax out on the waves.

Flexifoil has crafted the Anarchist using a Polonia wood core to make sure it offers optimal flex and the perfect blend between strength and weight. Additional bi directional fiber glass layups provide extra durability. The board features magnificent graphic imprints which make it really stand out in the crowd. Until you try the 2011 Flexifoil Anarchist you won’t feet the true meaning of freeride. Apart from freeride, the Anarchist performs great at waveriding too.