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Flexifoil Hooligan 2011

Flexifoil Hooligan 2011

Kiteboard Model: Hooligan
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Flexifoil
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Board sizes

138 x 40 cm


When you think at Flexifoil you think at high performance kites and kiteboards, intended to shape future champs. That is because their team spends a lot of effort in the process of research and development and it is dedicated to create high performance gear. The new 2011 Hooligan board by Flexifoil is crafted using the latest technology and the best composites and it is ready to take freestyle to an entire new dimension. It is a new generation type of board, intended to unleash extreme force when needs to allow the rider experience the ultimate feeling out on the waves. With the Flexifoil Hooligan you can perform any trick in the book without worries.

Freestyle is one of the most spectacular and demanding kiteboarding disciplines. It requires determination, training, talent, courage and, of course, the right gear. The new Hooligan was released by Flexifoil especially for freestyle and wakestyle enthusiasts, for people who love adrenaline and wish to push their skills to the limit. It is a powerful board, which generates extra pop and it is incredible fast, but at the same time it feels very comfortable and easy to handle.

The board has a compact shape, featuring squared tips. This profile makes it very dynamic from the first moment it is set on the water and allows the rider to perform astonishing tricks. At the same time it provides extra pop and it offers insane lifts and hangtime. A fast rocker assures excellent planning abilities and generates a fast speed across the waves. Upwind abilities are also improved, so the rider can perform any trick he wishes.

The innovative fin setup assures improved overall performance, minimize the drag and increase the grip. A great thing about the Flexifoil Hooligan is that it offers unmatched control out on the water. It turns fast, it jumps high and it runs at incredible speeds while the rider can handle it without any effort at all. The board is crafted using ABS sidewalls and tips to offer extra durability. This feature also prevents the rider from experiencing shocks or rough landings. Flexifoil has engineered the Hooligan using a Polonia wood core and bi directional fiberglass layups. This structure provides the perfect flex pattern and assures an excellent strength to weight ratio. The board is extremely maneuverable and responsive even at high speeds or in big wind conditions.

Just like the Anarchist, the Hooligan board features unique graphic imprints which complement the awesome performance it offers. The Flexifoil Hooligan is available in Standard and Pro versions. The main difference is that the Pro model has a stiffer flex pattern and it delivers extra pop.