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Fluid J’Adore 2013

Fluid J'Adore 2013

Kiteboard Model: J'Adore
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Fluid
Best For
Freeride  Freestyle  Wakestyle
Board sizes

129x40 cm

133x40.5 cm


The J’Adore kiteboard is designed by Fluid especially for the ladies who love kiteboarding. It is a versatile and reliable all-round kiteboard, able to suit multiple styles and riding levels. At the same time, it works great in a wide variety of conditions. With this board, the girls can enjoy a perfect freeride, freestyle and even waveriding session. At the same time, the board is very forgiving and easy friendly, so it is perfect for the girls new to the sport.

With the new Fluid J’Adore all women can experience a new dimension of kiteboarding. This is an all-round board especially crafted to suit their style. It has an awesome freeride, freestyle and wave potential and at the same time it is forgiving enough to accommodate beginner riders with ease.

The weight, flex and stance options are fine tuned to suit the specific needs of women. The straighter outline helps the bard move playful on the water and boosts its upwind and early planing performance. The tips use a special design which reduces spray. A 4cm stagerocker is used to assure a precise control in all conditions. At the same time, the 1.5mm concave assures a smooth and fast glide and improves overall stability.

The J’Adore features a light to medium flex which makes it forgiving and comfortable. It is able to produce solid pop and assure soft landings. The special rail outline allows it to cut easily through chop, while keeping the rider comfortably in control. The Fluid J’Adore can be sued to boost big airs or perform stylish freestyle tricks, but also to enjoy a relaxing cruise. It is built using a full wood core combined with sheets of carbon. This structure makes the board light and strong and assures a perfect response plus vibration dampening.

Fluid J'Adore 2013 Average Rating: 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
Fluid J'Adore 2013 Reviewed on Jan 3rd 2014
Rating: 5.0 out of 5

My girlfriend rides this board. She bought it in Tarifa. She's no pro, but rides very well with this board. It can carve fast, jump fast but not very high and feels very flexible. It's also tiny.