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Flysurfer Flyradical 2009

Flysurfer Flyradical 2009

Kiteboard Model: Flyradical
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Flysurfer
Best For
Freestyle  Freeride
Board sizes

128 x 38 cm

133 x 39,5 cm

139 x 43 cm


The Flysurfer boards deliver performance close to perfection. For 2009 Flysurfer has used a new construction technology and new composite materials to make sure that the boards will offer top quality. The Flyradical is such a board and it is ready to take freeride and freestyle to new levels. It is a fast board which packs plenty of pop, but still easy to handle and very comfortable. It suits both advanced and less experienced riders and it can be easily used for unhooked tricks. The board is perfect for a recreational and fun cruise or for any competition you wish to join.

As freeride and freestyle are the most popular kiteboarding disciplines, the Flysurfer team has decided to design a board which performs outstanding at both of them. With the Flyboards Flyradical you don’t have to go back to the beach to change boards if you decide to switch styles. The Flyradical is powerful, fast and offers extra pop. At the same time it offers top control and plenty of comfort. It is great for a fast freeride as well as for any freestyle trick.

Advanced riders who love unhooked moves will surely love the way this board performs. The Flyradical has a compact shape, featuring a fuller outline and rounded tips. This profile makes it very dynamic and assures a fast and smooth glide. The strait rails assure a quick acceleration and smooth edge to edge transitions. The board goes upwind fast and easy and it feels very lively. The concave bottom design provides excellent grip in fast bottom turns or at high speeds. It also provides optimal power release and improves the stability and control of the board.

The smooth and flat rocker line improves the acceleration, planning and upwind potential of the board. The Flysurfer team has chosen a perfect flex pattern for freeride and freestyle. The center area is stiffer, while the tips are very flexible. This way the board can jump high into the air and get you airborne fast and easy. At the same time it provides positive feedback at any command ant it is extremely responsive. No matter what move the rider performs, it is predictable and reliable.

Flysurfer has built the Flyradical using a full Wood core to make sure it is both durable and light. The Wood Core also provides the perfect flex pattern Flysurfer team was looking for. Easy adjustable pads and straps provide optimal bond between the rider’s feet and board and increase the comfort throughout the entire ride. The Flyboards Flyradical is available in S, M and L sizes and comes complete with fins and binding system.