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Flysurfer Radical 2011

Flysurfer Radical 2011

Kiteboard Model: Radical
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Flysurfer
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Board sizes

128 x 38 cm

134 x 40 cm

139 x 43 cm

144 x 46 cm


Freestyle is one of the most spectacular and demanding kiteboarding disciplines. It requires perfect coordination, talent, skills and courage. A great freestyler needs a great board to complement his skills. Flysurfer knows that and it has crafted the Flyboards Radical especially for extreme freestyle performance. The board has an awesome pop, it is fast, powerful and it offers top control in any situation. It is developed using the latest technology and the best composites and it reaches the highest quality standards. If freestyle is your game, than you must give the Radical a try and you will love the way it performs.

The Flyboards series of kiteboards introduced by Flysurfer for 2011 is guaranteed to offer top quality and performance. The four board models feature specific characteristics which make them unique and allow the rider to experience the ultimate thrill out on the waves. And if the ultimate thrill means extreme freestyle than the Radical board comes to life. It is engineered to offer an explosive pop, extra hangtime, fast speeds and astonishing control.

Flysurfer has built the Radical using a full wood core. Wood provides the perfect tensile strength and assures the optimal flex pattern. At the same time it makes the board extremely tough and light. The board is enhanced to deliver excellent upwind and planning performance, it accelerates quickly and it reaches an impressive speed. The great thing about this board is that it offers a direct and accurate control at all times. The rider can perform the most amazing tricks with minimum effort. Landings are predictable and smooth, and the board absorbs the shocks resulted from wave impacts.

The optimal flex under load feature assures a comfortable glide and enhances the maneuverability and stability in big wind and wave conditions. Besides top control and extra pop, the board offers unmatched comfort. The rider can choose wider stance to feel more comfortable, while the new footstrap system is easy to adjust and provides the perfect bond between board and feet. The board features a hydrodynamic shape which makes it feel very snappy and provides improved toeside riding performance. The 5 cm G10 fins optimize the power release and increase the board’s grip in turns and at high speeds.

The Flysurfer Radical is available in S, M, L and XL sizes and comes complete with the fin setup and bindings. If you are looking for the perfect freestyle board which blends power with comfort and control, look no more, because the new 2011 Flysurfer Radical has arrived.

Flysurfer Radical 2011 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 user reviews.
Flysurfer Radical 2011 Reviewed on Mar 11th 2012
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

It has a bit of flex and it is easy to pop. it also runs ok in chop, not only in flat water. Unfortunately it doesn't have too much stance options...

Flysurfer Radical 2011 Reviewed on Jan 22nd 2012
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Radical is designed for flat water and there it is where it feels best. It goes upwind really fast and it cruises smooth down the line. The board is really stiff and performs jumps with ease. The board has little rocker and a flat outline, so it ca...more