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Gaastra Apace 2012

Gaastra Apace 2012

Kiteboard Model: Apace
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Gaastra
Best For
Freeride  Racing
Board sizes

169.5 x 49.5 cm


The 2012 Gaastra board lineup is ready to redefine the world of kiteboarding by introducing superior riding performance. All board models are carefully tuned to suit specific styles and skills. If you love racing, you need a fast and powerful board to handle extreme speeds. One of the most versatile speed and racing boards today is the Gaastra Apace. The Apace offers a unique blend of velocity, easy handling and early planning. It is built using high quality composites and the latest technology and it is a powerful race and freeride machine.

Gaastra team is dedicated to improve the riding experience of all riders out there, regardless of their skill level and riding style. Crafting high performance boards to suit specific styles and skills is not an easy task, but until know Gaastra has done a great job. The new 2012 Apace is one of the fastest racing and freeride boards ever. The board blends the best features of directional and twin tip boards into a mutant design intended to offer top performance at high speeds. The ergonomic profile and compact outlines make it very fast and accurate.

The board can handle course racing and fast freerides with ease. Gaastra has also improved the lightwind performance of the board to make sure that riders can power it up and run fast even in light breezes. The powerful tail provides excellent release and maximizes the early planning potential of the board. The board has a special bottom shape, featuring a mono concave front section into a double concave tail section. This bottom design improves the quality of the glide by optimizing power delivery. Another advantage of this design is that it makes the board very stable when it reaches top speeds.

The board is equipped with 22 cm G10 fins in the tail and 18.5 cm fins in the nose. This special fin setup improves stability and grip and gives the board a wider range. The board can also use different fin combos due to the mini tuttle fin boxes. The board is powerful and fast, but also comfortable and fun to ride.

The soft EVA deck and RPE pads combined with the easy adjustable straps keep the rider comfortable throughout the entire session. The rider can also choose from multiple stance options the most suitable one.  The Gaastra Apace is constructed using a solid fiberglass structure which makes it durable and light. This board can take care of all your speed needs without problems.