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Gaastra Vane 2012

Gaastra Vane 2012

Kiteboard Model: Vane
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Gaastra
Best For
Board sizes

127 x 38.5 cm

130 x 40.5 cm

133 x 42 cm


The 2012 kiteboarding season gathers a new range of Gaastra boards, intended to improve the riding experience of all kiteboarders out there. All boards are crafted using the latest technology and offer top performance out on the waves. The Vane is a high end new school freestyle board intended to suit advanced riders who love extreme experiences. It has an unmatched pop and inane grip, it is very fast and accurate. If you love hardcore drives and spectacular tricks, the Gaastra Vane is the perfect companion for you.

The new 2012 kiteboard line introduced by Gaastra is amazing. It gathers five board models, each of them especially tuned to offer the best performance in its class. There is a Gaastra board to suit your specific needs, regardless of your style or skill level. The Vane is Gaastra’s answer to the needs of all new school hardcore riders. It is the kind of board which blends insane pop with top control to offer a spectacular ride. It feels very dynamic from the first moment it is set on the water and can handle the most aggressive tricks with ease.

The compact outline and aggressive edges assure a fast glide and a powerful drive through the waves. The board features a special flex pattern intended to allow the rider perform the most amazing moves with minimum effort. It can get him airborne in no time and assures smooth and precise landings at all times. Gaastra has implemented a new stance option called Wide Stance and intended which gives the rider the possibility to quickly perform jumps and lifts with minimum effort. When landing, the board suppresses the sock to prevent knee or back injuries.

The Vane is equipped with four 5 cm G5 fins which optimize power delivery and improve grip in tight turns. The new Pro Pads and Ergo Straps assure increased comfort and provide an optimal bond between feet and deck. Gaastra has engineered the Vane using a full wood core and EVA plus fiberglass layers. This structure generates the perfect flex pattern needed for technical new school tricks and makes the board incredible durable and light.

The Gaastra Vane is the perfect tool for extreme riders who live for the ultimate thrill. The board is available in three sizes and comes complete with pads, straps, fins and handle. The Gaastra Vane truly redefines the world of freestyle.