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Gaastra Vision Pro 2009

Gaastra Vision Pro 2009

Kiteboard Model: Vision Pro
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Gaastra
Best For
Racing  Freestyle  Freeride
Board sizes

124 x 37.5 cm

127 x 38.5 cm

130 x 40.5 cm

133 x 42 cm


The four kiteboard models introduced by Gaastra for the 2009 season are truly impressive. They are carefully crafted and they meet the highest performance and quality standards. The Vision Pro is one of Gaastra’s most successful twin tip boards. It has a unique blend of power, speed and control which make it excel at more than one style. Features like the torsion Box Technology and CNC shaped Wood core allow it to offer outstanding performance. The board is an excellent choice for freestyle, freeride and racing, and the great thing about it is that it can be used by pro riders and less experienced ones alike. It offers versatility and efficiency as well as plenty of fun out on the water.

The 2009 Vision Pro kiteboard developed by Gaastra has multiple purposes. It is very fast and dynamic, so it is perfectly suited for racing. At the same time it has plenty of pop and it feels very agile so it performs outstanding at freestyle. Another style at which this board excels is freeride. It can also be used for wakestyle if the rider sets wider stance positions. If you love several kiteboarding disciplines, the Vision Pro is the perfect machine for you. With it you don’t have to go back to the beach and switch boards if you decide to change your style of riding.

It packs plenty of power and it is quite fast, but it is easy to control and gives you the confidence you need to perform amazing tricks. Both beginner and advanced riders can experience a fun session out on the water with this board. Gaastra has implemented a new technology tweak called Torsion Box which optimizes the flex and reflex response of the board. This way the board offers extra pop and it feels very precise on the water.

The thinner ABS rails provide extra flex control and allow the rider to perform any maneuver without any effort at all. The board uses a constant rocker line and a single concave bottom design. These features assure optimal power release, increased stability and enhanced upwind and planning potential. The Gaastra Vision Pro is equipped with four CAD designed fins which optimize the power release and increase the grip in tight turns or at high speeds. The great thing about this board is that it offers a direct and precise control at all times and provides positive feedback at any command. It practically works together with the rider to assure the best performance.

Apart from control and power, the board offers top comfort. It has multiple stance options and ergonomic, easy to adjust footstraps. The rider can choose the best suited stance to feel at home out on the waves. Gaastra Vision Pro is constructed using a CNC shaped full Wood core and Epoxy resin composites. This structure provides an optimal flex pattern and assures a proportional weight to strength ratio. The Vision Pro is available in four sizes and comes complete with fins, straps and grab handle.