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HQ FR 2012

HQ FR 2012

Kiteboard Model: FR
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: HQ-Power
Best For
Board sizes

140x40 cm

140x45 cm


The HQ Freeride or FR boards are designed for the riders that demand performance and comfort each time they hit the water. These boards can accommodate riders of all levels, starting with beginners and ending with pros. And they also offer a reliable performance in a wide range of conditions. When you ride a HQ FR board, you can enjoy the glide and perform the coolest tricks with ease.

If you want to have maximum fun and experience a super cool freeride session, you should try the HQ FR board. It is optimized to deliver speed and power, but it is also forgiving and easy to handle. The FR features a freeride friendly shape, with a wider hip outline and a slightly rounder profile. It assures superior upwind and early planing abilities and excellent stability.

The tips are shaped in a triangle profile to minimize spray and assure perfect control. The rails are optimized to offer the best carving ability and enhance control. A flatter rocker is used to assure a good speed and make the board more dynamic. The Fr has a softer flex that makes it extremely comfortable. It can perform cool jumps and land very soft. At the same time, the softer flex assures a smooth drive in chop and other demanding conditions.

The HQ Freeride comes in 40 and 45 sizes. The FR 40 is perfect for cruising and carving, while the FR 45 is a great lightwind machine and can support heavier riders. Both models are built using a Pawlonia wood core plus fiberglass layers. This is a light and durable structure which makes the boards responsive and agile.