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HQ FS 2012

HQ FS 2012

Kiteboard Model: FS
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: HQ-Power
Best For
Board sizes

130x39 cm

130x42 cm


The HQ Freestyle board is designed for the pro rider who competes in world class events and trains hard to push his skills to a new level. As the guys at HQ say, the FS board is built for the pro rider who likes to really go to the limits and demand a no compromise jumping machine. This is a very dynamic board that packs lots of pop and energy and can handle a wide range of conditions.

The HQ Freestyle opens a new world for new school riders who push their limits to a new level. It packs an explosive pop, but it is also easy to control and very predictable. The FS sports a slightly rounded outline which makes it lively and agile. It also features a compact shape which makes it easy to control in various conditions. The shape is also optimized to deliver maximum upwind and early planing potential.

The special batwing shape of the tips prevents spray to the face and assures predictable landings. The HQ FS features a stiffer flex that generates generous amounts of pop, but it is also comfortable to ride and offers smooth landings. The concave is optimized for a smooth water flow to enhance speed and stability. A faster rocker is used to make the board playful, boost acceleration and assure perfect control.

The FS is equipped with extremely comfortable bindings. Due to the “Toe Grip” these boards stick on your feet like a magnet during jumping. It is built using a full Pawlonia wood core plus fiberglass layers. This structure makes the board durable and responsive.