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HQ Haura 2010

HQ Haura 2010

Kiteboard Model: Haura
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: HQ-Power
Best For
Freeride  Lightwind
Board sizes

135 x 38 cm

135 x 40 cm


HQ is well known for the high quality kites it has designed over the years. A good kite must be accompanied by a good kiteboard in order to deliver the ultimate performance riders are seeking for. The HQ team has come up with two kiteboard models for the 2010 season, boards intended to redefine the way kiteboarders ride the waves. The Haura is the first board introduced in 2010 and it is intended to offer top versatility. The Haura can be used by a wide range of riders in various wind and wave conditions.

• Full Wood Core
• Six Fin Setup
• Multiple Inserts
• Multiple Stance Options
• Rounded Rails
• Available in XXL Version

The Haura is one of the two kiteboard models introduced by HQ in 2010. The board is crafted using the latest technology and the best composites, following the highest performance and quality standards. The Haura went through a serious process of research and development and it is ready to take kiteboarding to a new level. The board is powerful and fast, yet easy to handle and forgiving.

It suits advanced riders, as well as less experienced ones. The board features an ergonomic outline with custom shaped tips. This profile makes it very dynamic and allows the rider to enjoy a smooth and fast glide. It has a special flex patter which suits multiple styles. The board is fast, generates a good pop and easy to control in chop. It can be used for fast freerides, freestyle, wakestyle and even waveriding.

The board is equipped with six fins, especially designed to minimize edging pressure and increase the grip in tight turns or at fast speeds. If the rider wants to head upwind, the Haura will help him do that without effort. At the same time, the board has very good planning abilities. HQ has built the Haura using rounder rails, to make sure that it responds accurately to the rider’s commands. The board feels very reliable and steady under the rider’s feet. The board has multiple inserts positions and the rider can choose the preferred stance for optimal comfort.

The HQ Haura is constructed on a full Wood core. This structure makes it unbreakable and light. The Haura is available in standard and XXL versions. The XXL Haura is wider and can support a heavier rider. At the same time it is a powerful weapon in lightwind conditions.