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Jimmy Lewis Canary KT 2014

Jimmy Lewis Canary KT 2014

Kiteboard Model: Canary KT
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Jimmy Lewis
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The Canary KT is a new addition to the kite surfboard line, introduced by Jimmy Lewis for the 2014 season. This new directional board is especially engineer to excel in real world wave conditions. As the guys at Jimmy Lewis say, not every kiter rides on the perfect waves of Maui. And that is why this board is designed to deliver fun and thrill on smaller mushy wave or in lighter breeze.

Most of you often ride in less than perfect wave conditions and need a reliable board that can take advantage of small surf to deliver maximum fun. And that board is the Jimmy Lewis Canary KT. The Canary KT features a real surfboard like shape to slash through small waves and allow you perform all sorts of cool tricks. It also features a special volume distribution that makes it easy to drive in lighter winds.

The wider hips maximize light wind potential and also make the board quick to plane and easy to drive upwind. A fuller nose allows you tackle the waves with confidence. The concave is optimized for a smooth water flow to enhance speed and make the board comfortable in chop. A diamond tail assures quick and controllable turns. The rails are optimized for perfect transitions and carving performance.

The Jimmy Lewis Canary KT is equipped with five fin boxes. You can use a thruster fin setup to maximize speed or a quad fin setup to enhance grip and experience a more solid drive. At the same time, the board can be used with two or three straps, depending on your choice. The Jimmy Lewis Canary KT is also available in lightweight strapless version.