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Jimmy Lewis Charger 2009

Jimmy Lewis Charger 2009

Kiteboard Model: Charger
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Jimmy Lewis
Best For
Freeride  Waveriding
Board sizes

127 cm

137 cm


Jimmy Lewis is the synonym for performance in the world of kiteboarding. Every single board manufactured by the jimmy Lewis team is carefully crafted and fine tuned to offer top quality and performance close to perfection. The 2009 Charger by Jimmy Lewis is such a board and it is the perfect “Open Water Twintip” board. It performs great in flat waters as well as in choppy waves and it blends extra power with unbelievable control.

• Open Water Optimized Outline
• Improved Upwind Performance
• Improved Control
• Lightweight Construction
• Includes fins, pads, straps and handle

The Jimmy Lewis team is dedicated to bring you performance close to perfection when it comes to kiteboarding. Every single board it has developed over the years has been built with special attention to details and it has managed to offer top quality.

The Charger kiteboard is a new innovation by Jimmy Lewis and it is intended to offer the best open water performance. Since it is an “Open Water” board, it has to perform great in both flat waters as well as in medium to big waves. To take care of this issue, the Jimmy Lewis team has used a compact shape, featuring wider hips and narrower tips. This profile provides extra grip and stability in big waves and big winds and improves the dynamics in calm water conditions. The curved outline assures top control in any situation and allows the rider to perform all the tricks in the book with no effort at all. The board packs plenty of pop and reaches an intense top speed, but it is easy to handle and user friendly. It can be used by both advanced and beginner riders. The rail to rail transitions are very smooth and the rider is in complete control at all times.

The board is equipped with special fins which optimize the power delivery and maximize the grip in fast bottom turns or at high speeds. If you are looking to perform power moves and high jumps the board will help you do that without problems. Landings are smooth and predictable and the board absorbs the shocks resulted from wave impacts. This way the rider feels more comfortable and unwanted injuries are prevented.

The Jimmy Lewis Charger is built using an innovative lightweight construction which providers the optimal flex response. At the same time this structure assures excellent durability and a long life cycle. The Jimmy Lewis Charger “Open Water Twintip” is the perfect board to power up your waveriding and freeride sessions in all wind and wave conditions. It is available in two sizes and two color styles and comes as a complete package, including straps, pads, fins and grab handle.