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Jimmy Lewis JL Signature Custom 2011

Jimmy Lewis JL Signature Custom 2011

Kiteboard Model: JL Signature
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Jimmy Lewis
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Waveriding  Freestyle  Freeride
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Available in any size.


The 2011 Jimmy Lewis kiteboard lineup is extensive and impressive at the same time. The stock models are built with high performance and versatility in mind and are intended to meet the needs of any rider out there, regardless of skill and style. But if you want a special kind of board, a board especially crafted to suit your own requirements it is the case to take a look at the custom models available from Jimmy Lewis.

For instance, if you want a great wake board which can offer all round performance in any wind and wave conditions, the JL Signature Custom is the perfect choice for you. Since the board is custom production, you can choose the size and color style which you desire. Therefore the board will suit you perfectly, you will be able to reach the highest performance and really stand out in the crowd.

 Jimmy Lewis is one of the most acclaimed kiteboard and surfboard manufacturers today, due to the fact that their team puts a lot of effort and passion in the creation of any model. When it comes to kiteboarding, all the Jimmy Lewis standard stock boards are great and perform outstanding, but it is the Custom models which amaze and can be regarded as true master pieces.

The JL Signature Custom is created for the rider who wishes to feel the ultimate freedom and power out on the waves. The great thing about it is that it packs plenty of power and speed for the hardcore rider, but it is stable, easy to control and reliable, so the les experienced rider can have a fun session too. The board has excellent upwind, acceleration and early planning abilities. The rider can run at high speeds, perform high jumps and lifts or any other trick easy and with minimum input.

The board is very lively and agile from the first moment it is set on the water, and besides speed and power it offers extra stability and a direct, responsive control. The board resembles a bit to the model 3 board, but it is slightly narrower, feature which improves longitudinal stability. The Dominatrix included by Jimmy Lewis in this model enhances overall performance. The board has a compact and refined outline, featuring squared tips, so it is easy to maneuver in any conditions and absorbs very well the shocks produced by wave impacts. It does not matter if the rider loves big waves or flat waters, because the Jimmy Lewis JL Signature Custom packs everything it needs to offer excellent efficiency and reliability in both situations.

The custom construction technology assures an optimal strength to weight ratio, and makes the board stiff, solid and light. The board comes equipped with four especially designed fins, which are intended to optimize the traction and power delivery and reduce drag at the same time. Fast, agile, maneuverable and with an unmatched control, the JL Signature is the ideal wake board for any kiteboarding enthusiast. Just take the Jimmy Lewis JL Signature Custom out for a spin and you will fall in love with the way it performs out on the waves. JL Signature Custom is available in any size and customized graphic design and comes complete with the fin setup.