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Jimmy Lewis Shack KT 2013

Jimmy Lewis Shack KT 2013

Kiteboard Model: Shack KT
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Jimmy Lewis
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The new Shack KT board opens a new world for wave riding enthusiasts, a world of adrenaline and pure action. The design is derived from Jimmy Lewis’ thruster surfboard that rips the waves with style and grace. It is developed to withstand the forces of kiteboarding and can slash through all waves. It doesn’t matter if the wave is huge, as the Shack KT can climb it and dominate it with style. It is a perfect board for competition as well as for casual riding.

With the Shack KT any wave rider can experience a cool and fun thrill. The board is built to deliver a true surf feel out on the waves. And there’s more about this board. It can be used in virtually any conditions and it is fun to ride in flat water. At the same time, it is optimized to deliver superior performance in light winds.

It features the classic outline of a surfboard and it is equipped with stronger rails and deck for kiting abuse. It also features a thinner profile, which makes it more reactive and lively during the ride. The volume is reduced in the tail area to ensure tight and fast carves as well as a superior speed. The bottom concave assures a smooth and fast glide plus increased stability on the face of the wave.

A thruster fin setup is used to provide more grip and make the drive steadier and more solid. This fin setup also boosts speed. The slightly squared tail assures quick and controllable turns plus a perfect release. As the guys at Jimmy Lewis say, this shape is for pure performance with a smooth ride no matter how large the waves get. The JL Shack KT comes complete with foot straps, deck pads and fins. It is built using a full epoxy PVC Sandwich construction with Coremat rails.