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Jimmy Lewis Sister 2009

Jimmy Lewis Sister 2009

Kiteboard Model: Sister
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Jimmy Lewis
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Board sizes

124 x 37.5 cm

132 x 38.1 cm


Kiteboarding is one of the most popular and spectacular water sports today. It gathers a huge number of enthusiasts each season. Women, Men and children alike love the thrill which this sport offers them. They all need carefully crafted gear which can help them achieve great performance or enjoy a fun session. The 2009 Sister is the perfect all round kiteboard for ladies who love kiteboarding. It has an optimized profile for women, it is light and it offers a unique blend of power and control. The Sister excels at more than one style and it performs outstanding in flat water conditions. Women looking for efficiency and versatility as well as fun and relaxation out on the waves have now the perfect board to satisfy their needs.

The Jimmy Lewis team knows that kiteboarding is no longer a men’s sport only. There are a lot of ladies out there who love this extreme sport. And especially for them it has crafted the Sister. A kiteboard for women is not only smaller and lighter than a kiteboard intended for men. It is more forgiving, it is easier to handle by a lighter rider and it has different stance options.

Jimmy Lewis has optimized all these aspects and has made sure this board can be used by any lady out there, regardless of skill and style. The board is fast and offers plenty of pop for the advanced riders who are looking for extreme maneuvers and it is easy to handle and user friendly for the ones looking for a recreational cruise. The board has impressive upwind and planning abilities and it somehow resembles to the Model 3, only that it is more forgiving.

A moderate tailblock delivers extra pop and allows the rider to experience high jumps and lifts. Landings are very smooth and the board absorbs the wave impact shocks. The board is easy to control at all times and it generates positive feedback at any command. The Sister is built using the Dominatrix bottom design and rail shape. This feature allows it to deliver extra stability, improved power release and enhanced control. It is a great board for freestyle, but it excels at other styles too. Jimmy Lewis has crafted the Sister using a PVC Core. This construction provides the perfect balance between strength and weight and assures the optimal flex response.

The board has narrower stance options, especially designed to offer increased maneuverability and comfort. Additional comfort is provided by the easy adjustable straps. Four JL G10 fins are used to optimize the power delivery and provide extra grip in turns and at high speeds. The Jimmy Lewis Sister is available in two sizes, it comes complete with binding system, fins and handle and it features a superb Ultra Crystal Pink Finish.