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Jimmy Lewis Super Model 2013

Jimmy Lewis Super Model 2013

Kiteboard Model: Super Model
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Jimmy Lewis
Best For
Board sizes

128x38 cm

136x41 cm

142x42 cm


The Jimmy Lewis Super Model is designed for the dedicated freestyler who loves to perform cool and stylish tricks. It is engineered to be fast and poppy, giving you the boost you need to refine your skills and evolve. The Super Model is perfect for competitions and can be a powerful weapon when used by a pro, but it is also user friendly, so even intermediate riders can use it to progress.

As soon as you step on the Jimmy Lewis Super Model and start to ride, you can feel that this board packs some serious energy and you can throw the most technical new school tricks with ease. It is perfect for aggressive stunts, but friendly enough for progression.

The board comes in three sizes. The first two size models are extremely quick, while the largest size model is optimized for better lightwind performance and can accommodate heavier riders. The board features a compact and sleek profile that allows it move fast and feel very agile and easy to control. It packs a bit of extra volume and it features wider hips and tips to assure superior upwind and early planing performance.

A special rocker enhances acceleration and speed and provides a superior control in all conditions. The flex is optimized for boosting, but it is also soft enough to assure smooth landings and make the board comfortable in chop. The Jimmy Lewis Super Model is supplied with Air-Force Pads, Straps, G-10 Fins, and Handle.