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Jimmy Lewis Surf 2009

Jimmy Lewis Surf 2009

Kiteboard Model: Surf
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Jimmy Lewis
Best For
Board sizes

157 x 44.2 cm

171 x 46.7 cm

183 x 50.8 cm


The 2009 twin tip kiteboard line crafted by Jimmy Lewis is complemented by the Surf series of boards. There are a lot of riders who love the feeling of a surf board while they are kiting, and the Surfs are boards crafted especially for them. The surf boards feature optimized shapes and volumes and can cover a wide range of wind and wave conditions. They pack plenty of power and pop and offer top efficiency and versatility. If you are a surf oriented rider, than you must give the Jimmy Lewis Surf board a try. You will definitely love the way this board performs.

When it has crafted the Surf kiteboard, the Jimmy Lewis team has focused on the needs of all the wave riders out there. A lot of them love to kite using boards which offer the unique surf feeling of cutting through the waves at impressive speeds. With this board they can do that and even more. Each Surf model has been carefully developed and it offers a unique mix of power, speed, control and stability. When the waves are up and you want to conquer them, it is time to pick up the Surf.

The boards are crafted using a PVC Core and an Epoxy Sandwich technology. This structure makes them extremely light and virtually indestructible. At the same time it provides improved tensile strength and longitudinal stability. The thruster shape of the Surf, combined with the longer and curved outline makes them very dynamic and allows the rider to tackle any wave.

The great thing about the Jimmy Lewis Surf is that it can be used with or without straps, depending on the rider’s skills and style. The board is equipped with three future surf fins which provide optimal power release as well as increased grip at high speeds or in fast bottom turns. The board performs incredible power moves and it excels in big wave conditions. It glides at incredible speeds through the waves and it is easy to control at all times. The larger versions of the Surf are powerful light wind weapons. They will get you running pretty fast when the wind barely blows. The surf has impressive acceleration and upwind potential and apart from the high performance it offers it is incredible fun to ride.

The Surf board has multiple insert configurations, and the rider can choose the best fitted one for optimal comfort. Additional comfort is provided by the easy adjustable symmetrical JL footstrap system. No wave is too big or too small for the Jimmy Lewis Surf. It performs outstanding and it makes all your sessions worthwhile. If waveriding is your game, the Jimmy Lewis Surf should be your favorite player.