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Jimmy Lewis Twisted Sister 2009

Jimmy Lewis Twisted Sister 2009

Kiteboard Model: Twisted Sister
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Jimmy Lewis
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Board sizes

132 x 38.1 cm


The Jimmy Lewis team knows that kiteboarding in not a sport dedicated exclusively to men. This wonderful extreme sport gathers a huge number of female fans each season. In order for them to feel comfortable, safe and experience the ultimate performance out on the waves, the manufacturer has come up with the Twisted Sister, a board which combines power and speed with maneuverability and user friendly features. Just like the Jimmy Lewis Charger, the Twisted Sister is an “Open Water Twintip”, which means that it performs great in a wide range of wave conditions. The board’s features have been carefully optimized to suit the specific demands of all female riders out there.

The 2009 Jimmy Lewis Kiteboard lineup is both extensive and impressive. Every single board model has been carefully developed to suit the needs of a wide range of riders. Especially for the ladies who love kiteboarding, Jimmy Lewis has come up with two special board models: the Sister and the Twisted Sister. The Sister is a great freestyle board which performs great on flat water, while the Twisted Sister is an “Open Water” which can easily handle big waves as well as flat waters.

The board has a specific profile, designed to suit the riding needs of a women. It is more compact and it feels very steady from the first moment it is set on the water. A good thing about it is that it has a unique blend of power, pop, speed, stability and control. This way, any rider can enjoy a nice session regardless of skill level.

A small tailblock increases the board’s performance in choppy waves and allows the rider to perform any maneuver nice and easy. Just like the Sister board, the Twisted Sister uses the Dominatrix bottom design and rail profile. This feature allows the rider to experience optimal power release, increased stability and a direct and precise control. At high speeds or in tight turns, the board is very steady due to the use of a four JL G10 fin setup. The twisted Sister is engineered using a PVC Core, which assures extra durability and a very light weight. This structure also provides the perfect flex pattern and makes the board extremely responsive.

The Twisted Sister uses special stance options which perfectly suit the needs of women. The pads and straps are soft and easy to adjust and increase the overall comfort. Whether the ladies like to experience extreme maneuvers or enjoy a fun cruise, the Sister is by their side at all times. The board has a magnificent Ultra Crystal Light Blue finish and comes complete with binding system, fins and grab handle. The board is available in 132 x 38.1 cm only.