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JN Circus 2009

JN Circus 2009

Kiteboard Model: Circus
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: JN Kites
Best For
Wakestyle  Freestyle  Freeride
Board sizes

133 x 41 cm

136 x 42 cm

140 x 43 cm


The JN team spends a lot of effort and passion in the research and development of every single piece of equipment it crafts. Kiteboarders all around the World demand quality and performance and JN is ready to deliver that. The 2009 Circus is a special kiteboard, intended to take wakestyle, freeride and freestyle  to new levels. An innovative construction technology and special attention in the optimization of every single detail make the Circus unique. The awesome blend of power, pop, speed and control this board offers makes a real difference out on the water. If you are ready to experience insane lifts and jumps and incredible speeds, it is time to ride the JN Circus.

Wakestyle is a very spectacular and demanding kiteboarding discipline. Apart from hard training and talent it requires high performance gear. And one of the best wakestyle kiteboards available today is the JN Circus. Apart from wakestyle, the board offers outstanding freeride and freestyle performance. JN has used the latest technology and the best composites when it has crafted this board to make sure it offers top performance and quality. It can jump extremely high, it offers extended hangtime, it turns fast and it reaches a nice speed. At the same time it has a flawless control and it is always predictable.

The Circus is developed by JN shaper team together with KPWT Champ and pro rider Leander Vyvey, so it has to offer performance close to perfection. It features a compact shape and a rounded outline with squared tips. This profile makes it very lively out on the water and allows the rider to enjoy fast and smooth glides. Just like the Chit Chat, the Circus uses a progressive flex pattern. The center area is stiffer and harder, while the tips are very flexible. This flex pattern generates an explosive pop and delivers high jumps and lifts. The board features an innovative anti vibration system which absorbs any shocks resulted from rough landings or wave smashes.

Apart from power and pop, the board offers unmatched control. It is easy to handle in a wide range of wind and wave conditions and it feels very steady. With this board it is very easy to take off and experience extra hangtime, while landings are smooth and comfortable.

The JN Circus is built using a Wood Core combined with fiberglass laminates and carbon fiber layups. This advanced construction technology provides the perfect flex pattern for wakestyle tricks and assures a light weight and extra durability. A special top and bottom sheet protects the board against abrasion and UV light damage. A great wakestyle, freestyle or freeride session demands a high performance board, and the JN Circus is that board.