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JN Storyboard 2011

JN Storyboard 2011

Kiteboard Model: Storyboard
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: JN Kites
Best For
Freestyle  Freeride
Board sizes

133 x 41 cm

136 x 42 cm

139 x 43 cm


Freeride and freestyle are the most popular and the most appreciated kiteboarding disciplines. Since a huge number of enthusiasts practice this style, JN has come up with the perfect solution for them: the Storyboard. The Storyboard is optimized for both freeride and freestyle and it is easy to use by nay rider out there. With it you don’t have to go back to the beach and switch boards if you decide to change your riding style. It packs plenty of power, but it is user friendly and comfortable. It is the perfect solution for all of your freeride and freestyle needs.

The 2011 kiteboarding season has started in full throttle, and the JN team has decided to keep riders out on the waves for long, long sessions. To do that, it has crafted high quality kites and boards which meet the specific demands of all the riders out there. The new 2011 kiteboards are engineered using some of the successful features of the previous models, but enhanced by the latest technology to deliver performance close to perfection.

If you are looking for a board which can take care of all your freestyle and freeride needs, you have to take a look at the new JN Storyboard. The board has an ergonomic shape, featuring slightly squared tips. This profile is especially optimized for freeride and freestyle and makes the board fast and snappy. It offers extra pop and it is quite powerful, but easy to handle and stable. With it you can perform nice tricks or enjoy a fun and relaxing cruise.

The small rocker provides excellent upwind and planning abilities as well as fast steering response. The board uses a new flex pattern. The heel area is stiffer, while the tips are more flexible. This way the rider can control the amount of pop the board delivers and perform tricks very easy. The board uses a single concave bottom design which generates the perfect power release and improves the overall stability. It is also enhanced by a shock absorbing system which prevents discomfort resulted from wave bumps.

JN has crafted the Storyboard using a full Paulownia Wood core. This structure assures the right flex pattern for freeride and freestyle and makes the board light and durable. An ICP sheet protects the outer surface against abrasion and UV Light damage. The JN Storyboard is forgiving and user friendly, so any rider can enjoy a great session without worries. If you are into freeride and freestyle, this is the right board for you.