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Latitude Citadel 2011

Latitude Citadel 2011

Kiteboard Model: Citadel
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Latitude
Best For
Freeride  Freestyle
Board sizes

140 x 43 cm

134 x 42 cm


Latitude Kiteboarding is a brand especially known for the high quality kites it builds. For 2011 the Latitude team has also released two kiteboard models. And, just like the Latitude kites, the board went through an extensive process of research and development to guarantee top performance and quality. The Citadel is built to suit multiple styles and skill levels. It is quite fast and powerful, but it is easy to control and user friendly at the same time. If you are looking for a board to power up your rider, regardless of your style and skill and in various wind and wave conditions, that board is the Latitude Citadel.

• 3D Deck Shape
• Full Wood Core
• Anti Shock System
• Easy Adjustable Footstraps
• GFK Fins

Latitude Kiteboarding has come up with two new kiteboard models for the 2011 season. This lineup is not extensive, but it is surely impressive. Each board model has been carefully shaped and tuned to suit multiple styles and skills. It is not an easy job to craft a board which excels for different types of rider, but the Latitude team has made it. Such a board is the Citadel. In the development of the Citadel Latitude has paid special attention to detail and has used several tweaks to improve the overall performance.

The board packs plenty of pop and it is quite fast, but at the same time it is user friendly and easy to handle. The beginner and intermediate riders can enjoy a relaxing cruise or perform nice moves, while advanced and pro riders can perform hardcore maneuvers easily. The 3D top shape of the board helps spread the load proportionally and creates improved stability. The rocker line and bottom shape provide excellent control and outstanding upwind and planning potential.

The GFK fin setup assures optimal power delivery and enhanced grip in tight turns or at high speeds. The thin ABS rails assure extra durability and allow the rider to hold control in high wind and wave conditions. Latitude has built the Citadel using a full Lightlam Wood Core combined with biaxial and triaxial glass layups. This structure assures the perfect strength to weight ratio and assures the optimal flex response. It provides extra pop for extreme maneuvers and fast steering response. Another advantage of this structure is that it absorbs the vibrations and shocks resulted from rough landings or wave impacts. This way the rider doesn’t have to worry about injuries and feels very comfortable. Extra comfort is added by the easy adjustable flex footstraps and wider, thicker footpads.

On the outside, the Citadel is protected against abrasion and UV light damage by a PBT cover. If you are looking for a board which offers both fun and performance, than you need to take a closer look at the Latitude Citadel.