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Latitude Splash 2011

Latitude Splash 2011

Kiteboard Model: Splash
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Latitude
Best For
Freeride  Freestyle  Wakestyle
Board sizes

145 x 45 cm

133 x 42 cm


The 2011 kiteboard line released by Latitude gathers two models: the Citadel and the Splash. It may seem as two boards are not enough for the growing needs of today’s riders, but each of these board is created using the latest technology and the best fabrics and are ready to deliver top performance and quality. The Citadel is an all round kiteboard which can be used for multiple styles by any rider, regardless of skill level, while the Splash is dedicated to hardcore riders who love power moves. The Splash has an explosive pop and it is very dynamic and can also suit multiple styles.

• Airex Foam and Wood Core
• Explosive Pop
• 3D Deck Shape
• ABS Rails
• GFK Fins
• Flex Footstraps

When it has developed the 2011 Splash, Latitude Kiteboarding team has focused on the needs of aggressive and advanced riders. This means that the board has an awesome pop, is very dynamic and fast and can perform any trick in the book. The great thing about the Splash is that it excels at more than one style. It is perfect for freestyle and wakestyle, but it also offers a great freeride session.

To offer top versatility and efficiency, Latitude has used a special construction technology when it has built the Splash. The board is engineered using an Airex foam and plywood core composition, combined with triaxial carbon layups. This structure provides the extra pop needed for extreme maneuvers and the perfect flex pattern. At the same time this structure makes the board incredible light and durable. On the outside, the Splash is protected against abrasion by a PBT top and bottom cover.

The board is very powerful, but easy to control in most wind and wave conditions. The thinner ABS rails allow the rider to perform fast turns and improve the overall handling. The concave bottom design assures optimal power release and assures a steady and smooth ride. The rider doesn’t have to fear rough landings or wave impacts, because the board glides very smoothly and absorbs any shocks. This way the rider feels very comfortable and gains the confidence to perfrom extraordinary tricks.

Additional comfort is provided by the flex footstraps and wider, thicker footpads. The binding system provides the optimal connection between feet and deck. If you love extreme rides and power moves, the Splash from Latitude Kiteboarding is the perfect board for you. It is available in two sizes and two color styles and comes complete with pads, straps, fins and handle.