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Liquid Force Carbon Element 2015

Liquid Force Carbon Element 2015

Kiteboard Model: Carbon Element
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Liquid Force
Best For
Board sizes

136 x 41.5 cm

139 x 42 cm


The Liquid Force Carbon Element is super light and offers world class performance. It is crafted for the dynamic rider who rides hard and fast and wants to perfect his style. It is a board that can be used for advanced new-school freestyle maneuvers, as well as for boosting big airs and speeding. The Carbon Element is suitable for intermediate to advanced riders.

It’s time to take your game to the new level with the Carbon Element from Liquid Force, a board designed for progressive riders who love the thrill of kiteboarding. The board sports a compact profile, with a straighter outline. This shape helps it plane really fast and ensures top maneuverability. The deep channels in the tip area ensure plenty grip and help steer water flow for a better drive.

The shallow concave hull ensures a fast and clean glide even in chop. The flex is optimized for power freestyle moves. The Carbon Element generates an explosive pop, but it’s also comfortable and lands smoothly after a boost.

It is engineered using a CNC wood core for a lively and energetic feel, Biax carbon mid core reinforcements for flex control, Hexagonal biax carbon layers, Liquid Rails for impact durability and a Printed matte sub straight finish. This construction ensures a lighter overall weight, top durability and excellent response.