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Liquid Force Concept 2009

Liquid Force Concept 2009

Kiteboard Model: Concept
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Liquid Force
Best For
Wakestyle  Freeride
Board sizes

139 x 42 cm - Standard and Grind

135 x 41 cm - Ltd




The Liquid Force Concept is a special board. It has been crafted to offer all round freeride performance, but it also excels at wakestyle. The board was crafted by Liquid Force shaper Jimmy Redmon together with pro rider and champ Mauricio Abreu, so it gets as close to perfection as possible. It has an awesome pop and a very smooth glide. This board delivers tons of fun as well as extraordinary performance. The board is built using the best composites and an innovative technology to meet the highest quality standards.

• Available in Standard, LTD and Grind versions
• Freeride-optimized flex profile
• Molded Composite Core
• Variable Edge Rails
• Single to Double Concave Bottom Design

The Concept is one of the most successful Liquid Force-manufactured boards ever. It is designed to offer top versatility and efficiency and it is ready to take freeride and wakestyle to entire new levels. Mauricio Abreu and LF shaper Jimmy Redmon have spent a lot of time perfecting this board, until it was able to deliver the ultimate performance.

The board packs awesome pop and can deliver insane jumps and lifts, it has an impressive top speed and flawless control. The compact shape, complemented by a fuller outline and scalloped tail design assure a very smooth glide as well as an extra energy boost when needed. The refined profile combined with variable edge rails provide a fast and smooth edge to edge transition and a direct and accurate control when performing radical moves.

The Liquid Force Concept features an aggressive continuous rocker which significantly improves the acceleration, early planning and upwind abilities of the board. This way the rider goes upwind really fast and experiences a unique freeride session. The special freeride-optimized flex pattern provides the perfect pop and makes the board very snappy. A great thing about the Liquid Force Concept is that it can be used with or without fins, depending on the rider’s style and choice. With the fins removed the board offers a skate feeling when gliding through the waves. A new performance feature introduced by Liquid Force is the single to double concave bottom design. This feature allows the board to generate optimal power release, improves the upwind potential and makes the ride steadier.

The Concept is built using a molded compressed core which assures the perfect flex pattern for freeride and wakestyle and improves the tensile strength. The Liquid Force Concept is also available in Grind version, featuring a Slider Grind Base construction and in LTD version, featuring a super lightweight construction.