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Liquid Force Influence 2011

Liquid Force Influence 2011

Kiteboard Model: Influence
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Liquid Force
Best For
Freestyle  Freeride
Board sizes

130x40 cm

135x41 cm

140x42 cm


Liquid Force makes no compromise when it develops any type of kiteboard and uses the latest technology and top quality composites to make sure that the board will perform outstanding and meet the highest quality standards. If you would like to feel the real meaning of freedom and power out on the waves you should take the 2011 Influence out for a ride. The board is constructed on innovative concepts and packs both power and control to offer you the ultimate freeriding experience.

The new Liquid Rails, bottom shape, core technology, improved flex and not only are guaranteed to take your freeride skills to a whole new level. From the first moment it is set on the water this board feels lively and dynamic and it is ready to offer outstanding performance in any conditions. And it is also very good looking with the elegant graphic design, based on screen sheets and sub laminated imprints.

Freeride has become a very popular discipline nowadays, and the freeride enthusiasts tend to get more and more demanding. Some of them want unlimited power and speed, others extra control and maneuverability and others require a mix of the ones mentioned above. Well, Liquid Force is aware of the multitude of demands and has released a board which meets them all. The board is called Influence it went through a long process of research and development, as well as extensive testing, and now it is ready to take freeride to a new level.

The Influence is designed by Liquid Force team together with pro rider and champ Jason Slezak, who makes no compromise when it comes to extreme performance. The hydrodynamic shape and slightly more compact outline make the board very agile and allow it to glide fast and drag free through the waves. It is enhanced with a moderate flex, and the tips are also quite flexible and torsion resistant, to provide increased steering response and allow the rider to tackle any wave with minimum effort and experience smooth landings. It also uses Liquid Urethane rails instead of classic ABS ones, innovation used by Liquid Force to increase durability and maneuverability.

The main innovation in the construction of the Influence is the bottom design. It is based on a double concave in the center area and convex double concave channels in the tips. This unique bottom profile provides optimal water release, reduces the eye spray and increases the grip and stability. Even in the tightest and fastest turns the board remains predictable and reliable. The moderate rocker assures a smooth glide and assures nice upwind and planning potential. The board can handle any  jump, lift and trick easy, and with no effort from the rider.

The construction of the Liquid Force Influence is based on a dual wood and PVC foam core, intended to make the board stiff and durable and reduce weight. This structure also improves overall performance and allows the rider to experience extra pop. Fast and accurate, powerful and user friendly, the Liquid Force Influence is perfect for both the pro rider and the less experienced one. It is available in three different sizes and it offers the highest quality and performance for more than a decent price.