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Liquid Force Little Phatty 2015

Liquid Force Little Phatty 2015

Kiteboard Model: Little Phatty
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Liquid Force
Best For
Waveriding  Lightwind
Board sizes

4’10” X 20 15/16” X 2.2” - 26.4 L


The Liquid Force Little Phatty can put a smile on your face each time you ride it. It is able to turn light wind and sloppy surf conditions into pure fun. The board runs great in less than ideal conditions and can accommodate a wide range of riders. It is also very reliable and easy to handle when the wind and waves pick up.

As soon as you step on the Little Phatty from Liquid Force, you’ll discover a new joy, that of having fun in less than perfect conditions. The Little Phatty is optimized to run very well in chop and sloppy surf, but also in marginal wind conditions. Of course that is also runs great if the wind and waves are stronger.

The board features a compact shape and packs a high volume. It planes really quickly and runs upwind very smooth. The board is also steady, but easy to maneuver and keep under control. The full nose, combined with the diamond tail shape, ensures quick and snappy turns. The concave is optimized for a smooth glide in chop and for added stability. EVA top deck pads provide you with traction control and comfort.

The Liquid Phatty is built using an EPS core, High-Density PVC Deck Patches, Bamboo veneer layers and fiberglass layers. This structure is light and durable and makes the board very responsive.