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Liquid Force Messenger 2015

Liquid Force Messenger 2015

Kiteboard Model: Messenger
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Liquid Force
Best For
Board sizes

5’1” X 17.2” X 2.2” — 27.3 L


The Messenger is a kit surfboard designed to redefine the way you ride the waves. It is perfect for traditional down-the-line, top-to-bottom kitesurfing and strapless maneuvers. The board is agile and easy to control and runs great in a wide range of conditions. It is perfect for charging challenging waves, but also for cruising.

Meet Liquid Force’s Messenger, the board that will offer you a new waveriding experience. It is a board that knows how to speed down the line, surf and keep you in control. The Messenger might sport a twin tip line, but it is a directional kite surfboard and acts like one.

The elongated twin tip outline makes it easy to maneuver and ensures quick early planing potential. It also makes reverting out a whole lot easier. This innovative shape provides reduced swing weight, making strapless airs and tail-first landings a piece of cake. The Messenger has a medium rocker that ensures solid upwind abilities and great control.

The fast outline makes the board agile and dynamic. It uses a quad fin setup that provides superior tracking and excellent grip. It is equipped with High-Density PVC Deck Patches that provide good grip and traction. The Messenger is built using an EPS core, fiberglass layers and bamboo veneer. This structure makes it extremely tough and light, but also very responsive.