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Liquid Force Twin Skim 2011

Liquid Force Twin Skim 2011

Kiteboard Model: Twin Skim
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Liquid Force
Best For
Board sizes

51x20 cm


Liquid Force is one of the most famous kiteboarding gear manufacturers today. Their team of highly skilled professionals puts a lot of effort and passion in what it does and manages to amaze with the performance and quality of any single piece of equipment. The new Twin Skim board from Liquid Force is built on these concepts and brings something totally new in the world of kitesurfing.

It is very compact and designed using a new shape which makes it perfect for water skating. At the same time the board has no straps and no fins. It allows the rider to express himself the way he wants out on the waves. It is available only in 51x20 centimeters size and features a very elegant black and white graphic design.

The Twin Skim is a board which brings skating on the water. It is the perfect choice for the rider looking for strapless fun on the waves. Liquid Force has built it using the latest technology and the finest fabrics, to make sure it offers excellent performance and meets all the quality standards. Liquid Force has used an innovative oval shape for the Twin Skim. Combined with the compact outline it allows the rider to perform nice tricks and tackle any wave. If you wish to go skating the board is agile and runs very smoothly, and if you need to do some slashes and carves you just need to flip it around.

It is not the racing type of board, but reached a nice speed and delivers maximum fun. The narrower tail provides efficient power release and gives you the boost you need to pull out any stunt. The new bottom contour shape keeps it steady and increases the grip if the waves get higher or if a fast speed is reached. It may be a small platform, but it is stable and offers plenty of comfort. The integrated “Thumb Rail” deck contours provide extra comfort and increase overall efficiency, while the custom slot tip and tail design increase handling.

The great thing about the Liquid Force Twin Skim is that it is very agile and feels lively on the water, but it is also very responsive at the same time. The rider has total control over it and the board is reliable in any situation. The board is engineered on a technology based on CNC wood and PVC Foam combination core. This construction makes it very light and dynamic. At the same time it is very durable and practically indestructible. It can take all the possible damage without sustaining damage at all. The Liquid Force Twin Skim is fast, agile and fun to ride. It is just what you need for some quality skating and strapless action.