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Litewave Spirit 2009

Litewave Spirit 2009

Kiteboard Model: Spirit
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Litewave
Best For
Board sizes

144 x 47 cm

137 x 44 cm

132 x 41 cm


The start of the 2009 season has inspired the Litewave team to come up with some impressive kiteboard models. New construction technologies combined with innovative tweaks make the Litewave boards unique and take the fun and performance to new levels. As freestyle is one of the most popular kiteboarding disciplines, Litewave has crafted a board which is ready to meet the needs of the most demanding freestylers out there. It is called Spirit and it perfectly blends speed and power with top control. The board comes at a decent price, but offers the highest performance and quality.

The 2009 Litewave Spirit was created with a specific purpose: to take freestyle to an entire new dimension. This is not an easy task, so the Litewave team has focused on every single performance detail of the board in the process of research and development. The flex pattern, pop, speed and control of the board have been carefully optimized. This way the board can suit a wide range of conditions and skill levels.

The board has a hydrodynamic profile which generates a fast and smooth glide. Larger versions of the Spirit are true light wind weapons and can easily sustain heavier riders. The thinner shape and thinner rails improve the acceleration and top speed of the board. The board packs awesome pop and the hardcore riders can perform the most amazing tricks without effort. The extra pop and fast response of the board is generated by the selective flex. This flex pattern also provides fast and accurate turns as well as a smooth glide.

The tips are enhanced with torsion bars which improve the overall performance. They let the board flex longitudinally, but prevent torsion. This feature also acts as a suspension device and absorbs the vibrations and shocks to maximize comfort and prevent unwanted injuries. The new bottom design assures optimal power release and makes the board stable in big winds and waves. The fin setup adds extra grip at high speeds or in tight turns. The rider can perform any freestyle trick in the book without worrying about losing control even for a second.

Litewave has engineered the Spirit using a full Kapok Wood core. This exotic wood provides the perfect flex pattern to generate extra load and pop. At the same time this structure assures a light weight and makes the board extremely durable. If you love freestyle there is no way you won’t love the Litewave Spirit. It will redefine the way you ride.