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Litewave Spirit 2011

Litewave Spirit 2011

Kiteboard Model: Spirit
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Litewave
Best For
Board sizes

127 x 38 cm

132 x 40 cm

137 x 44 cm

144 x 46 cm


The Spirit is the latest addition to the 2011 Litewave kiteboard lineup. It is a board intended to offer the ultimate freestyle performance, and the Litewave team has spent a lot of time working to make it perfect. Freestyle demands speed, power, pop and control, and the new Spirit boards have it all. It can perform any trick in the book and it is reliable in all wind and wave conditions.  The new construction technology makes the board extremely light and durable and creates the perfect freestyle flex pattern. From the first moment it is set on the waves the Spirit feels agile and powerful.

Freestyle is one of the most appreciated kiteboarding disciplines, but it is not an easy one. It requires talent, determination, a lot of training, and, of course, the proper gear. If you already have a good freestyle kite, you need to get yourself a great freestyle board. And one of the best 2011 freestyle boards is the Litewave Spirit.

It has been crafted with a special attention to detail and it offers a unique mix of power, pop and control. A great thing about this board is that it offers top quality and performance at a decent price. The Litewave team has engineered the Spirit using a full Kapok wood core. The wood core provides an optimal flex pattern for freestyle and makes the board extremely responsive. It also assures the perfect amount of pop needed for technical moves.

Another advantage of this structure is that it assures a lightweight construction and extra durability. The parallel outlines and new rocker line improve the upwind and planning potential of the board. A thinner profile and thinner rails allow the rider to control the board with no effort and enjoy a very smooth glide. The 3D torsion bars in the tips improve the flex characteristics and increase the torsion resistance. This way the board has an extra pop and it is predictable when it comes to jumps and lifts, while landings are smooth and the vibrations and shocks are completely absorbed. The deeper single concave bottom design provides extra stability and great upwind performance.

Larger versions of the Spirit are great Lightwind weapons and will get you running in the lightest breezes. If you love freestyle, than you will definitely love the Litewave Spirit. It really redefines the way you ride.