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Litewave Wing 2011

Litewave Wing 2011

Kiteboard Model: Wing
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Litewave
Best For
Lightwind  Freeride
Board sizes

161 - 5.1Kg
153 - 4.5Kg
146 - 4.1Kg


The 2011 Litewave board lineup features three models. Even it may not seem a very extensive range of choices, you have to take into consideration that the boards meet the highest performance and quality standards and are enhanced to suit multiple styles and skill levels. The new 2011 Wing by Litewave is a board intended for many purposes. First it can be used by the beginner and advanced rider alike because it is user friendly but has plenty of pop and reaches a nice top speed and second, it can be used in a large wind rage, due to the fact that it is easy to power up in light wind and stable if the wind picks up. 

The Litewave Wing is based on a totally new construction technology and built from the fines fabrics. This way the Litewave team has made sure that the board will meet the highest performance and quality standards. It is a top board and offers high efficiency and versatility, but at the same time it has an affordable price. The Wing has been designed to suit any rider out there and to perform great in any conditions.

If you are a beginner rider you will love the comfort, control and stability that this board has to offer, and if you are an intermediate or advanced one you will definitely appreciate the fast turns, high jumps and nice speed it can deliver. Apart from these, the board is enhanced to perform admirably when the wind barely blows. It will get you running pretty fast in under 10 knots wind speed. And if the wind gets stronger, there is no problem. The Wing is stable and feels very reliable under your feet.

The deeper tip to tip concave design assures a smooth ride and excellent carves. At the same time it optimizes the power release and increases the board’s stability in high winds ant at high speeds. The tips are enhanced by integrated torsion bars and feature a thinner and wider construction. This profile is used to increase overall control and increase the upwind potential. The Parabolic sidecut used by Litewave improves the flex response and adds extra pop for the extreme rider. The ample rocker line increases the light wind performance, gets the board upwind faster and assures a nice top speed and quick acceleration. At the same time it improves significantly the early planning ability. The board offers several stance options, so the rider can choose the one which suits him best for optimal comfort during the whole session.

 Litewave has built the Wing on a Wood and Foam structure to make sure it is extra durable and light at the same time. This structure also provides good flex response and increases the longitudinal tensile stability and strength. Fast, accurate and fun to ride, the Litewave Wing is perfect whether the wind is blowing or not.